It’s not over. Sure, the Tour has concluded. We’ve gone back to our homes. The truck will be repurposed for something else. December 25th has passed.


Our Tour stop in Nashville-Brentwood, Tennessee, coincided with collections for Roundup for Nolensville and the Shayne Elementary School feeding program. I wish I could tell you how many families were provided for that day. It was a lot. We filled a U-Haul truck and several cars with donations. The generosity was moving.

Even more moving was the joy inspired by the acts of generosity. The people giving were¬†giddy to give. But as I write this (two days later), the goods collected are being moved into the hands of those who need them. The joy of the moment isn’t over. It’s still going… it may even be snowballing.

I think that’s what Christmas is meant to do. We weren’t given the gift of God’s presence at the first Christmas in order to have a holiday that would inspire people once a year. We are to be perpetually inspired to acts of goodness and to continually show concern for one another.

Maybe that thought hits to the heart of the meaning of Christmas for you, too. Christmas isn’t a date on the calendar, or even an event. Christmas is a state of being. It is God with us in compassion, generosity, and concern. Christmas means we share compassion, generosity, and concern with each other.

May that experience not end.

Thanks to all who made our final stop in Nashville so memorable! Our volunteers from The Village Church, Home Church, and United Methodist Communications braved dropping temps to work in generosity. Max, Dale, and the team from Street Factory Media put in long hours to make all of our stops possible. We are forever grateful to all who shared this experience with us!

–Ryan Dunn