Kansas City

As we wrapped up our tour in at the Crestwood Shopping Center, I took note of the special opportunity I’d been gifted the past two weeks in travelling to six of the tour stops across the US. I have to admit that I am honestly humbled to have been welcomed into so many communities to celebrate the birth of Jesus. From thousands of miles away, I had the opportunity to draw near to people who have very little in common with me, yet somehow we found the time to gather together to spread the good news of Christmas.

Our partner church, Country Club UMC accommodated is with volunteers ranging from toddlers to elderly folks who understood that seeking closeness during this season of advent is more valuable than standing in lines at the mall.

Pastor Keith Morgan’s brass ensemble filled the air with the bright sounds of the season ringing all across the shopping center. The nearby store owners decided to stay open just a little longer so they too could enjoy the community and concert taking place.

After many cups of cocoa, tons of pictures at the photo booth and a dozen puppy visits, we packed up the truck and called it a night. The folks from our partner church weren’t done quite yet, though. After the event a group of them poured into the restaurant next door to keep the party going and continue enjoying each other’s company.

All in all, it was a privilege to spend some of my Advent with the folks from Kansas City.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

Merry Christmas,


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