How do you soothe yourself in hard times? Is it easier to deal with a difficult situation when others are sharing in it?

I ask because it was cold as we handed out hot cocoa in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania (near Harrisburg). The weather was making our situation a bit difficult. We were all uncomfortable. It was soothing to provide some comfort in the form of a warm drink to those who were rushing from car to store. It was also somewhat comforting to be surrounded by our friends from Camp Hill United Methodist Church who were feeling the discomfort of the cold, too.

We talk about Christmas being a time of closeness. We draw close to others through this season because we are celebrating that God has drawn close to us in Jesus Christ. We celebrate that God shares our experience–the comfortable and the uncomfortable. That’s a powerful realization. It implies that our experiences of discomfort or brokenness do not separate us from God. Rather, that God shares in the discomfort and seeks to work through the brokenness, too.