After 4-hour drive from our last stop, we found ourselves in a town right near the Mississippi – Alabama state line: Columbus, Mississippi. The tour team was met with a very warm welcome in “The Friendly City”. Something about small towns always makes me feel so loved and welcomed.

Since the weather was nearing the 30’s this evening, our hot cocoa hosts decided to go full postal, and deliver cocoa to each and every storefront on Main Street. It was a beautiful sight to see folks who weren’t quite off work yet able to partake in the fellowship outside.

In the Bible, we know that Jesus’ life was centered fellowship. As a newborn baby He was already gathering people from far away lands and diverse backgrounds to a single place where they could all partake in the miracle of His birth. He invited people to the Kingdom of God, a space where (and when) all are truly equal and experiencing grace. The Kingdom of God can definitely be experienced in Columbus, MS. So many genuinely kind people call this town their home, and our team was sad to say “goodbye.” Our volunteers were a blessing because they demonstrated intentional kindness to extend a season’s greeting in the Leadership Plaza. Even if the air was chilly, the hearts of our volunteers and guests were warmed with love and acceptance.

Thank you so much to everyone at First Columbus United Methodist Church who made this event the talk of the town.



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