Faith. It’s the only thing the people of Israel could hold onto for generations while they anticipated the coming of the Messiah. And it’s the only reason our event was a blow out success in North Atlanta.

The previous two days were some of the coldest and wettest the Southeast had seen all year. People were cold and tired of dealing with the weather. As I drove into downtown Atlanta, I began to worry about the conditions’ effect on the turnout for that afternoon’s gathering. Yet somehow, right around noon on Sunday, the clouds began to break and the temperature rose to a gorgeous 72 degrees F.

As volunteers started to show up to assist about 30 minutes before launch, we already had about 5 toddlers playing around in the park politely asking for cups of cocoa. I noticed a sense of excitement as our volunteers repeatedly said “hang on, we’re just getting started. There will be more.” And gosh were they right.

As the afternoon went on, more and more families poured into the park until there was hardly any room to walk a few feet. The Unwrap Christmas truck ran out of hot cocoa within an hour and a half! People were so glad to be out in such beautiful weather with their families, neighbors and new friends. And yet, our volunteers still insisted there would be more people, their faith was on display for all to see. Once again, they were right because our event happened to coincide with the annual Caroling on Canton celebration – so our visitors were treated to a showcase of singers ranging from ages 3-93 in front of a gorgeous Christmas tree.

By faith, our hearts were opened to receive all who were seeking a place to belong. God continues to provide to those who trust in Him.

Sending a major thank you to our volunteers and everyone who came out! See you soon!



Paul Gomez

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