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5 Tips To Take A Good Landscape Picture

stonehenge beautiful landscape
A photograph is best judged by the beauty in the eyes of its beholder. But when it comes to proving your way out and standing tall in the crowd, the tiny precisions are the ones which matter. A common myth is that spectacular photography skills are devoured only by the professional ones. A part of it is true. The rest doesn’t quite agree to this milieu. When taking landscape photographs, it is Mother Nature who is your muse. Hence, being a newbie or a professional doesn’t matter when you are capturing the epitome of beauty herself.

Listed below are a few tricks to improve your hands at landscape photography:

  1. Location

Capturing the beauty of a particular landscape at a particular time is important. Planning the exact location to the last detail comes in handy when shooting pictures. Imagine the entire scenario in mind prior to setting out for a rendezvous.

  1. Being patient

There are several numbers of elements in your landscape that can ruin your picture and those which can emulsify your picture into a beautiful shot. Wait, and be patient till the exact time and the exact elements appear. If possible, spend an entire day looking at the landscape and devouring its every detail.

  1. Maximize the depth

Landscape photos don’t look good with the bokeh effect and hence to gear up your lens play, sharpen the image. Set your camera to Aperture priority and at around f/8 (gradually increase to f/11)

  1. Neutral Density

Position yourself properly with respect to the sun. Keep yourself at an angle between 45 to 90 degrees with the sun.  This will reduce the unwanted reflections and the excess light in your photo.…